Friday, June 23, 2017
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Kofi Dadzie- Co- founder of Rancard Solutions

Ghana’s Kofi Dadzie is one of the founders of Rancard, a company that offers mobile content solutions. For example, its application, Rendezvous, is a...

Dominic Adu, CEO, Ghana Home Loans

Home ownership has eluded many Africans for years. Ghana Home Loans (GHL) focuses exclusively on the provision of mortgage products to Ghanaians. The company’s...

Kosi Yankey is the founder of Nuba Foods and Commodities

Kosi Yankey is the founder of Nuba Foods and Commodities, a Ghanaian-based business that sources commodities from local farmers and supplies them to industries...

David Osei, co-founder and CEO of Dropifi

Dropifi is a web messaging platform which replaces the ‘contact us’ form on websites with a real-time widget that streamlines the communication process and...

Kelvin Nyame- CEO

Kelvin Nyame took a business idea formulated in school and turned it into one of Ghana’s hottest tech startups. Together with his partners, Rashad Seini and...

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