Developmental Experiences to Include in Your PCDP


If you are looking for more ways to support your professional development, consider adding these developmental learning opportunities to your ICDP/PCDP.

Read a Book

  • Are you interested in learning Excel? Do you want to improve your communication skills? There are lots of great books available where experts share their experience and knowledge, and reading is often more convenient than taking formal training. You can read at any time, even if you only have five minutes to spare – and with the popularity of mobile devices, learning can truly happen anywhere

Find a Mentor

  • If you don’t have a mentor, you may want to add the activity of finding one – even an informal one– to your IDP. Mentors are excellent sources of one-on-one support as you build skills and navigate other important decisions for your career.
  • If you already have a mentor or trusted advisor, ask him or her for advice on what developmental activities could benefit you. Your mentor might be able to recommend a professional association you should join or give you ideas for stretch assignments that you could discuss with your supervisor.

Learn new Skills From Your Co workers

  • Working with a co-worker or team member is an excellent way to learn new skills while completing your daily tasks and responsibilities. Think about teaming up with someone who is really good at a particular skill that you would like to learn or improve on. Working with a coworker this way allows you to learn and practice in a safe and comfortable environment. Talk with your supervisor or mentor if you are unsure of whom to seek help from.

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