Working with humans – The Managers Toolkit

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This ebook contains a set of specialised tools that have been carefully developed for working with people. Some may be similar to things you’ve seen elsewhere, but this is the first time this collection of tools has been put together in one place, and we hope you’ll find it useful.

We have made it as straightforward as we can – no technical language or obscure psychological constructs involved – but some of the ideas might take a little thinking about, re– reading a number of times and then carefully rehearsing with colleagues or friends before using them for real. Straightforward is not the same as simple.


  1. Setting them up to succeed -the 4C model for intelligent performance
  2. The ABC of conversations getting it in the right order
  3. Talking about change so it happens Taking an idea for a walk
  4. The language of understanding the right worms make all the difference
  5. Let’s blame the scapegoats holding a no– blame conversation
  6. That didn’t work… defusing difficult situations
  7. Performance Development Discussions
  8. More reading and references for those nights you just can’t get to sleep

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